Here is a List of  Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas You Can Start with Low Capital

Are you searching for small scale agriculture business ideas with small capital investmwnt? At present agriculture business revolves around productive resources like feed, seed, fertilizer, equipment, energy, pesticides, machinery, etc. and farming commodities like raw and processed commodities of food and fiber.

The agricultural sector is the backbone of the economy for most countries throughout the world. With proper strategic planning, any individual having basic knowledge of manufacturing operation can develop any of these above mentioned agro-based business ideas into a profitable venture.

In India, agriculture accounts for nearly 18% of the industrial GDP( growth domestic product). India is the 2nd largest producer of agriculture product. India produces 7.68 percent of total global agricultural output.

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58 percent of India’s population. As per Union Budget 2018-19, allocation of Rs 57,600 crore (US$ 8.9 billion) was made for The Agriculture Ministry.

At present agriculture business in India revolves around productive resources like feed, seed, fertilizer, equipment, energy, pesticides, machinery, etc. and farming commodities like raw and processed commodities of food and fiber. The agriculture-based business opportunities in developing countries like India are on the verge of revolution.

Here is a List of  Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas You Can Start with Low Capital

#1. Agri Clinic

The primary objective of an Agri-clinic business is to provide paid services for the enhancement of agriculture production and income of farmers.

#2. Bakery

A bakery is one of the most profitable food processing business opportunity one can initiate by having owned or rented space. Selecting the right product and designing a proper marketing strategy are the major deciding factor in getting success in the bakery business. According to the demand and financial aspect, you will need to choose the specific products for your bakery business. Read More…

#3. Banana Wafer Making

Banana wafers are under-ripe bananas that are cut into slice dipped in syrup solution, dried in the sun or in an oven, fried and eaten as snack food or dessert. Additionally, you can sell these items both in the local and export markets. You can initiate this business on a small-scale basis.

#4. Basket Weaving

Basket weaving can be a profitable business for people living in rural areas. Currently, with modern equipment basket, weaving has become more profitable and it is a popular item in the urban market also.

#5. Cane Chair Manufacturing

Cane chairs are the luxury furniture item. The manufacturing operation is very much profitable. However, you must procure the raw materials on regular basis. Therefore, you must establish the unit in a location where you can procure the required raw materials easily.

#6. Cashew Processing

Generally, the cashew processing manufacturing activities include cell cooking, cutting, cashew kernel drying, peeling, grading and packing. Additionally, you can initiate cashew nut processing as an export-oriented plant. The unit demands simple machinery.

#7. Chips Production

Potato chips in various form are one of the most popular ready-to-eat snacks now among the young crowd. It has also an export potential. In addition, you can initiate the production of the chips as a small-scale unit also.

#8. Coconut Oil Production

Coconut oil is used as an important cooking medium. Apart from this coconut oil has various industrial applications. In addition, the manufacturers of toilet soaps, laundry soaps, surface active agents and detergents, hair tonics, hair oils, cosmetics, etc. are the major consumers of this product. Choosing the right location is one of the most important factors in starting coconut oil manufacturing. However, you must select a location where you can procure the raw materials easily.

#9. Cold Chain For Fruits & Vegetables

Providing cold chain solution is a popular business venture. A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities. Basically, the cold chain maintains a given temperature range. It helps to extend and ensure the shelf life of products such as fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs.

#10. Dal Milling

Dal milling is actually processing of different pulses. Subject to the availability of raw material you can select different various products. Commonly two types of conventional processing methods are used. Such as wet milling and dry milling. Dal milling is capital intensive and energy sapping in nature.

#11. Dried Flower Business

Growing flower and selling those flower after drying is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas. You can start dried flower business by sourcing the flowers from flower grower also.

#12. Dry Fruit Production

Dried fruits are very popular around the globe. Thus, these products have an immense export opportunity. Additionally, you can initiate a dry fruit production business with low investment.

#13. Fish Hatchery

A fish hatchery is a place for artificial breeding, hatching, and rearing through the early life stages of animals, finfish, and shellfish in particular. Hatcheries produce larval and juvenile fish (and shellfish and crustaceans) primarily to support the aquaculture industry where they are transferred to on-growing systems i.e. fish farms to reach harvest size. From the techno-commercial aspect, fish hatchery is a profitable venture to start.

#14. Flour Milling

Basically, you can produce flour by milling of food grains. Generally, the large number of different varieties types of food processing industries are the major consumers of flour. These are Wheat flour, brown flour, whole wheat flour, wholemeal flour etc. The Production process is simple. Additionally, you can initiate this business on a small-scale basis with simple machinery. Read More…

#15. Frozen Chicken Production

Frozen chicken is a hot product now. The demand for this product is increasing globally. An entrepreneur living in a metro or suburban city can start this business with proper planning.

#16. Fruit Bar Production

Fruit bars are a very popular food item throughout the world. Additionally, you can initiate a small scale manufacturing unit with small startup capital. Also, the business is financially feasible.

#17. Fruit Juice Production

Fruit juice is one of the ready to serve item. Another popular product is squash. These are very popular throughout the year, especially in summer. Additionally, you can initiate the fruit juice production business with low capital. However, you must select the products according to the availability of raw materials. Read More…

#18. Ginger Garlic Paste Processing

Ginger and Garlic Paste is mainly used as a condiment in various food preparation and also serves as a carminative and gastric stimulant in many medicinal preparations. As instant mixes and spices are becoming more popular, the demand for ginger garlic paste is also increasing. The Production process is simple. Additionally, the product has an immense market opportunity for export also.

#19. Ginger Oil Production

The main application of ginger oil is confectionery beverages and baked products. India is the largest producer of ginger. Ginger oil production is one of the most profitable food processing business that can be started as a small unit at the initial stage.

#20. Grapes Wine Production

Grape winemaking is actually fermenting the grape juice. The major raw material required for the processing and making of grape wine is grapes. Grape winemaking is capital intensive and it requires proper operational and marketing strategy.

#21. Groundnut Oil Production

Groundnut oil processing is one of the most profitable food processing business considering the required capital investment. Generally, you can obtain the oil from groundnuts/peanuts is very healthy and suitable for the best human consumption.

#22. Groundnut Processing

Groundnut processing is one of the profitable agriculture business ideas to start with small capital investment. This business has as export potential also.

#23. Honey Processing

Honey processing is actually removing wax and other foreign unwanted particles from honey. You can establish the processing unit in two ways. Either by a manual system or by electrically driven. The Production process is simple. Additionally, you can initiate the business from your own backyard too.

#24. Ice Cream Production

Any individual can initiate ice cream making business with low startup capital investment. Ice cream making is a wonderful small business idea that any individual can explore to make handsome money out of it. Basically, ice cream is a frozen blend of a sweetened cream mixture and air, with added flavorings.

Additionally, you can use a wide variety of ingredients in ice cream making. However, you must maintain the minimum amounts of milk fat, milk solids (protein + lactose + minerals), and air in ice cream making.

#25. Insecticide & Pesticide Formulation

In starting insecticide formulation business, you must have the CIB permission. Basically, the insecticide is an essential item in any type of crop farming

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